Saturday, April 16, 2011

Title Highlight: Former Major League Teams: An Encyclopedia

Former Major League Teams: An Encyclopedia

1 volume: Tables, Charts
Team Origins
Name Changes

This slim volume gives information on the 116 baseball teams that competed in seven different major leagues. The book begins with brief histories of current major league teams and the various name changes some underwent. (For example, Saint Louis was named the Browns and then the Pefectos before becoming the Cardinals in 1900) It then goes on to a chronological detailing of the teams found in the different major leagues beginning with the National Association in 1871. After a brief history of the team; an all-time roster of the team’s best players will be found along with the W-L record of each team.

In the section on ‘lost’ National League teams there are entries on teams that have moved cities such as the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Milwaukee Braves as well as those that no longer exist in any form including the Louisville Grays, Troy Trojans and Worcester Ruby Legs. The book contains much interesting information and the history of the different leagues makes interesting reading as it shows how labor troubles have been part of the game since the beginning. An example of this was the Players league started in 1890 by players unhappy with a rule that limited them to a salary of $2,000 a season in the National League!

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