Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Title Highlight: Wall Street Dictionary

Wall Street Word (Credo Reference)/The Wall Street Dictionary: The Wall Street Dictionary is a book found in the reference section which contains over 5000 phrases and terms used in the stock market by traders, investors, brokers, market analysts, bankers and others. The definitions in this book are all quite short and to the point, quickly explaining the many complicated terms used in the world’s financial markets.

The online Wall Street Words defines more than 4600 phrases and terms and includes detailed examples for some terms; for instance, the “leveraged buyout” and “Dutch auction” entries are followed by short case studies that illustrate the concepts more fully. This resource also has a question and answer section for a few entries that explain one facet of the term in more detail. For instance, the entry on “buy on margin” includes the answer to the question: “What are the risks inherent in buying securities on margin?” Lists of terms that have detailed examples called case studies and terms that have a question and answer section are found on the headings tab of the resource.

Both books contain many of the same phrases and terms and it is interesting to see how many familiar words and terms have a completely different meaning on Wall Street, such as “tailgating”, “sweetener”, “killing”, and “shark”.

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