Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Hours 2010

Hewes Library is currently operating on summer hours. We're open Monday through Friday from 8am until 4:30pm. We're closed on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer. For more information about the library's hours, please visit the Hours webpage.

Friday, May 14, 2010

New Items at Hewes Library

New items are added to the Hewes Library Collection on a continual basis. Recent titles have included:

  • Super Crunchers by Ian Ayres
  • Remaking The Presidency by Peri E. Arnold
  • Those About Him Remained Silent by Amy Bass
  • Century Turns by William J. Bennett
  • Costume Since 1945 by Deirdre Clancy
  • Sledding Hill by Chris Crutcher
  • Calvin by Bruce Gordon
  • Arab Interlude by Kathryn Hulme
  • Muslim Women Reformers by Ida Litcher
  • Cracking the GMAT by Goeff Martz & Adam Robinson

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Atlases: Part 7, Census and Business Atlases

Census and Business Atlases: The final entry in our series on Atlases covers miscellaneous atlases on topics that do not neatly fit into the previous categories.

2000 Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide. This atlas contains detailed information on the transportation, economy and population of the United States. Aimed at business planners, the charts include information on regional trading areas, statistics on sales comparing the population/income/sales of a given area and detailed demographic information on areas that can be used to find basic business data on almost any location in the United States. Color

Atlas of the 1990 Census: This is a short atlas published with data from the 1990 census. It covers population, household makeup, housing, race and ethnicity, the economy and education. It contains a combination of text and charts and can be used for comparisons with the 2000 atlas described below. Text. Color.

Census Atlas of the United States. The official atlas published after the 2000 census by the U.S. government. It contains statistics and charts showing population distribution, race, age, sex, living arrangement, place of birth and U.S. Citizenship, migration, language, ancestry, education, work, military service, income and housing of the residents of the United States in 2000. There is a short text at the beginning of each section explaining patterns revealed by the data. Color

World Travel Atlas 1999. This interesting atlas has four main sections, General maps, Specialist maps (including Natural Heritage sites, Cultural Heritage Sites, International Flight times, info on ocean cruises (showing main areas where cruises take place). Very interesting information for planning a trip showing things like Hill Stations and Beach resorts in India, the Swiss Alps, route of the blue train in South Africa and many other sites and activities of interest to travelers.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Atlases: Part 6, Religious Atlases

Religious Atlases: In addition to the historical atlases, Hewes library contains a small number of atlases dedicated to the history of religion. Again the use of text and color illustrations is indicated after the entry.

Atlas of Islamic History: Unlike the Historical Atlas of Islam, this atlas contains text along with the maps explaining the development of Islam from its beginnings until the mid-twentieth century. It primarily concentrates on the Middle East and Europe showing how Islam and Islamic empires developed and changed over the centuries, with each map showing the developments of a given century. It has small sections on Islam in other parts of the world. B&W
Atlas of the Historical Geography of the Holy Land: An old (1915) map describing the physical, political , and economic geography of the Holy Land during the time prior to the establishment of the ancient kingdoms of Israel to the early years of the Christian era. Color.

Biblica: the Bible Atlas: A beautifully illustrated book containing text, illustrations, maps and charts illustrating the timeline of the events of the Bible from the time of Adam and Eve until the Revelation of John. It begins with explaining the difficulties inherent in developing a chronology of the Bible and the approach used in the book. Text, Color.

Historical Atlas of Islam: Illustrates the growth of Islam throughout the world from the time of Muhammad until the 19th century through the use of maps. There are special sections on the Ottoman Empire, the Muslim conquest and expulsion from Spain and Portugal, the development of Islam in India and the Far East, and even a section on Arabic names for the constellations. Color.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reminder! Return your library materials!

This is a reminder to all students to remember to turn in all of your library materials before you leave campus next week. The library is open until midnight every night through Tuesday, May 11, and then open on Wednesday, May 12 from 7:45am until 6pm.

Seniors: All your library materials must be turned in by Thursday, May 13 to have your account cleared with enough time for you to participate in Commencement.

If you have any questions, please contact a library staff member at 309.457.2190.