Thursday, July 14, 2011

I-Share Changes for Monmouth College patrons

Hewes Library and other member libraries of the CARLI consortia have recently completed a major upgrade to the catalog and universal borrowing privileges.  The changes for partons are:
  1. Search by colection/location: You now have the ability to search by location for an item, or within a specific collection.  For example, if you wanted to limit your results to Government Publications only, you can now do us using the limiting options on the right hand side of your results screen.
  2. Changes to Universal Borrowing: 
    • All UB (Universal Borrowing)-eligible patrons will continue to receive a 30 day loan and up to 3 renewals. Faculty and academic employees will be granted more renewal periods. They will be able to renew books up to 6 times, an increase from the current limit of 3 renewals. The initial loan period and each renewal interval will continue to be 30 days. 
    • Two-week loan period established for non-print materials. Non-print materials that I-Share libraries choose to make available for Universal Borrowing (UB) will have a new standardized loan period of 2 weeks for all UB-eligible borrowers. No renewals will be allowed on non-print items.
    • No more overdue fines for items borrowed from ISHARE libraries. The consortium will formalize what has become an increasingly prevalent practice of I-Share libraries not charging overdue fines for items returned from UB loans past their due date. As of July 1, 2011, no overdue fines will be assessed on UB transactions. Libraries will continue to bill for lost items and may continue to assess processing fees for lost materials.

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