Thursday, January 17, 2019

Art Exhibition Opens

A new art exhibition opens Friday, January 18th, from 3:00-4:30, in the Len G. Everett Gallery of Hewes Library.  The opening reception, gallery talk 3:30pm by artist Elizabeth Folk, is free and open to the public.

Statement from the artist:
"You Are A Monument explores contemporary notions of monumentality and sovereignty in a politically complex time. The works include an installation of sixteen flags, a rideable plush “equestrian statue,” and an accompanying performative video. The flags combine text from locally-sourced Illinois personal ads and symbols, created from randomly selected objects “for sale” on local Craigslist ads. Random juxtapositions of everyday objects and missed connections are re-presented utilizing flags, “chrome” poles, and a “bronze” statue on a plinth: the language of power. The toy-like equestrian statue evokes mental images of an out of control childish icon. The video seems playful at first, but as it slows the “horse” and rider fling about violently and the audio reveals an inner and unexpected menace.  In an iconoclastic time where historic monuments celebrating ugly parts of American history are highly contested, the statue and video seek to defamiliarize the equestrian statue itself as an iconic symbol. By monumentalizing the everyday interactions of the people of the greater Monmouth area, the exhibition raises the question of how and why we choose to celebrate our history."

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